On Education (Thinking in Action) by HARRY BRIGHOUSE

On Education (Thinking in Action)

Book Title: On Education (Thinking in Action)

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0415327903


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HARRY BRIGHOUSE with On Education (Thinking in Action)

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What is education for? Should it produce workers or educate future citizens? Is there a place for faith schools - and should patriotism be taught?

In this compelling and controversial book, Harry Brighouse takes on all these urgent questions and more. He argues that children share four fundamental interests: the ability to make their own judgements about what values to adopt; acquiring the skills that will enable them to become economically self-sufficient as adults; being exposed to a range of activities and experiences that will enable them to flourish in their personal lives; and developing a sense of justice.

He criticises sharply those who place the interests of the economy before those of children, and assesses the arguments for and against the controversial issues of faith schools and the teaching of patriotism.

Clearly argued but provocative, On Education draws on recent examples from Britain and North America as well as famous thinkers on education such as Aristotle and John Locke. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the present state of education and its future.