Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities by Carole Marsh

Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities

Book Title: Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities

Publisher: Gallopade Pub Group

ISBN: 0635105977

Author: Carole Marsh

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Carole Marsh with Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities

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You are purchasing the Paperback format of this book. How to Use the Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities book:
Work through the lessons and activities as a class to teach your students higher-order thinking, analysis, and 21st century skills necessary to meet new Common Core expectations.
Allow students to work through the lessons independently to build and practice these new skills.
Include technology, collaboration, presentations, and discussion in the activities as you desire - you can decide how in-depth to go.
Watch your class develop new abilities to meet the rigor of Common Core State Standards, right before your eyes!

Use some of the pages - or use them all - based on your grade, your students, your curriculum, and your needs.
Use these pages at their current size, or if you prefer them to be 8.5" X 11", enlarge them 125% on your copy machine.
Use the correlations grid to easily see which Common Core standards are covered in each lesson.

The Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities includes:
Reading for Information
Higher-Order Thinking
Writing Problems
Primary Source Analysis
Graphic Organizers
Map Activities
& More!

Here is the Table of Contents for the Energy - Common Core Lessons and Activities book:
What Is Energy?: Reading Informational Text G
Energy from the Sun: Main Idea
Potential and Kinetic: Classifying Information
Forms of Energy: Vocabulary
Gravitational Energy: Applying Concepts
Galileo s Experiment: Experiment Analysis
Making an Impact: Primary Source Analysis
Mechanical Energy: Cause & Effect
Chemical Energy: Reading Informational Text
Nutrition: Primary Source Analysis
Forms of Energy: Graphic OrganizerGenerating Electricity: Applying Concepts
Using Electricity: Main Idea GO4
Energy Sources: Problem-Solution-Results GO9
Nuclear Energy: Compare & Contrast GO1
Nuclear Power: Point of View
Thermal Energy: Experiment Analysis
Sound: Reading Informational Text
Athletic Competition: Primary Source AnalysisChanging Forms of Energy: Applying Concepts G
Common Core State Standards Correlations

G: Includes Graphic Organizers